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Supporting Local in 2023

As 2023 creeps up on us, blogNorfolk would like to thank you for your support over the last 4 years. Our mission is simple: to support local businesses and bring awareness to the positive things happening in Norfolk County.

Our mission remains the same for 2023. We hope we can get the chance to work with every business in Norfolk County in the years to come. We plan to grow our team to bring more fresh 'Norfolk'in' content to our platforms for the community to enjoy. We like to think we play a key role in the perception of Norfolk County as we have followers from all over Southern Ontario and beyond. Along with driving tourism to Norfolk, we work closely with local businesses to create content that will inspire our community to keep our dollars local so we can all grow together.

If you have a passion for helping local business' we encourage you to connect with us and see how you can be a part of blogNorfolk. We aren't just a business, we're a community.

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