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Quance Dam in Delhi

Quance Dam also known as Delhi Quance Park is a well-known landmark located in Delhi, Ontario. Here are five facts about Quance Dam:

1. Quance Dam was built in 1959, replacing an earlier wooden dam that was destroyed by a spring flood in 1952. It was built to regulate the flow of water in the nearby Big Creek to reduce the risk of flooding in the area.

2. The dam is named after Roy E. Quance, who was a respected farmer, businessman, and politician in the region. He was a member of the Ontario legislature and later became the Speaker of the House.

3. The dam is about 80 feet wide and holds back about 300,000 gallons of water. It is made of reinforced concrete, and its spillway has a capacity of about 1,200 cubic meters per second.

4. The dam is a popular spot for fishing because it creates a deep pool of water that is home to fish species such as rainbow trout, brown trout, and large-mouth bass. The area around the dam is also a popular picnic spot with its lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Located just North of the dam is an old sawmill which was critical in the establishment of Delhi. The sawmill was the first real industry in the area and pre-dates the arrival of the Tobacco Industry. The recently refurbished Mill provides a scenic view over the Quance Dam and the park system.

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