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Johnny K's Fresh Produce

Where can you get local produce, preserves and baked goods, herbs, house and garden plants, ice cream, or a footlong with fries – all in one place? - Jonny K’s in Port Rowan!

What started out as a fruit and veggie wagon on the corner of Front Rd and Hwy 59, has expanded into a greenhouse & garden center, a Rollin’ Joe’s food truck, a Scoops ice cream window, and of course, a fruit, vegetable and grocery market that puts an emphasis on local produce and products.

We interviewed Bonnie, one of the main faces you will see at the counter when you check out this busy one-stop shop. The market is named after her son, Jonny. When we asked her why, she said, “Well, Jonny is Jonny. It took everything I had to get him through school. But part of that was because of his bubbly outgoing personality.” What may have been a downfall in school ended up being Jonny’s greatest attribute. “He ended up excelling in sales and he created a vision.... and here we are today.

Inside the store, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Jonny K’s is continuously expanding their product

line to accommodate what people need. You’ll find locally sourced preserves, breads, baked goods, meat, cheese, milk and groceries. “We strive to be able to offer everything that the locals, cottagers, and campers can use,” says Bonnie. They even have storage units available.

“One time, a couple’s car stalled here. It was back when the flooding was quite severe. He had gone through a big puddle, and the more time he spent trying to get the car going, the more stuff his wife kept buying from us. And now they’re cherished friends. I’ve met many families here that are my friends now. They’re not just customers.”

With certainty, we can say that these friendships started because of the atmosphere at Jonny K’s -- a

happy place with inviting staff where customer service is the number one priority. “People come in here and they’re like, ‘You guys are always laughing!’ And I want it to stay that way,” she says.

In our short time spent at Jonny K’s, we noticed the strength of the relationships within the family and

between the staff members – a clear contributing factor to the success of the business.

Jonny K’s is currently open seven days a week.

With their new patio tables, you can now sit and enjoy a scoop of your favourite ice cream or a Rollin’ Joe’s appetizer.

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