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Fiedler’s Delicatessen

Where in Norfolk County can you find... fresh deli meats, homemade pies, desserts, soups, salads, and a vast selection of unique European products?

At no place other than Fiedler’s Delicatessen!

The family-owned and operated deli has been serving customers in and around Simcoe for over 40 years.

Sisters Michele and Rebecca Fiedler own and run the business with the help of their children and sister-in-law, Ute. It truly is “family-run.”

Their parents, Roland and Heidrun, were German immigrants. Upon coming to Canada, they knew they wanted to create something of their own. Roland, a butcher by trade, opened “Shopper’s Meat & Deli” in 1972, where they crafted their traditional sausages and meat products and developed the business into what Norfolk citizens know it as today. The name was changed to Fiedler’s Delicatessen in 2016.

Fiedler’s commitment to high-quality products and great customer service is what often turns one-time customers into loyal patrons. “The customers make it possible for us to continue,” says Michele. “I appreciate them so much. People have been so supportive, especially throughout the past year. We have that one-on-one, personal connection with them.”

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Fiedler’s serves hot lunches featuring their deli meats. The menu includes schnitzel on a bun, Philly cheesesteak, and Reuben sandwiches – just to name a few. 🤤

However, meat products only make up a fraction of what the deli has to offer. In addition to friendly faces and a well-preserved European heritage, you’ll find a variety of other goodies. Behind the scenes, Michele and Ute work tirelessly making handcrafted dessert and dinner items such as plum croissants, peach pie, lasagna, delicious soups and more.

You can experience all that Fiedler’s has to offer at 464 Norfolk St South, Simcoe from 9-5:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, as well as at the Port Dover Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8-1.

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